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Friends For Life Rehabilitation Services

Here at Friends for Life, we strive to offer a great selection of programs to ensure an excellent service. Our programs include:

Computer Development:

We give the opportunity to experience all aspects of computer arts. We will introduce our consumer the fundamentals of computer technology individuals and as groups. An individual will have the opportunity to discover the basic use and operation, emailing, and safe internet exploration. This will be a great benefit for those who do not have access to a computer and share in the experience of what most of us take for granted.

Learning programs will be introduced to enhance a variety of developmental skills (i.e. hand and eye coordination, reading, writing and basic functional skill and computer applications).

Music Appreciation:

Music expresses emotion and is a unification of all who participates. We will introduce to the consumer a variety of music through all resources including concerts, media, and from student / professional individuals in our community. We will encourage consumers to express their individuality, through participation and education.

Genres exploration will consist of opera/classical; country western, pop, hip hop/rap, bluegrass, big band, rockabilly, and multicultural music of the world.

Music development will be encouraged to promote and bring forth any musical interests our consumer may have.

Physical Fitness:

While a majority of our consumers have ambulatory and other physical limitations, our consumers will be offered an opportunity to participate in programming geared to their individual strengths not their weaknesses.

Fitness and activity: Giving opportunity for a variety of low impact activity, through specialized in-house programs and recreational community resources. Promoting individual health awareness.

Theater and the Arts:

Art is an expression of the inner being. Given the opportunity and encouragement one will be able to enrich their lives by tapping into the creativity of the soul. Self expression thru visual and performance art is an outlet of positive communication.

Performance Arts will be introduced to the consumer by our talented staff, theater/ dance professionals. The consumer will learn all aspects of the theater and what it takes to put on a successful production. This includes costumes, staging, lighting, set design and marketing.

Dancing is not only for the watchful; it’s also about the participation. We will give everyone an opportunity by introducing many genres of dance covering all aspects of this expression. We will promote group activity such as line dancing, square dancing and individual interests.

Visual arts introduction to painting, sculpture, three dimensional design including photography are just a few of the artistic and expressive mediums we will explore

Productions, gallery views and dances will be held for the consumers, friends, families and those of interest in our community to support our consumers in their achievements.

Community Introduction:

We will explore a variety of events, social functions and special interests that reflect our consumer and community desire. This will be encouraged to aid in the development of community awareness and appropriateness Guidelines will be set forth to protect our consumer’s health and safety while in the community.

Community exploration will include but not limited to; Volunteering opportunities, Sporting events, theater movies, bowling, luncheons, shopping, flea marketing, treasure hunting, festivals, libraries art and health museums, nature walks.

Creative Education:

Based on the need of our consumers, and is usually accomplished within a group setting. However, based on ones interests, individual activity will also be introduced. All are encouraged to participate regardless of ability. Learning can be fun when presented creatively.

An enthusiastic approach, utilizing a variety of games and activities, to expand ones knowledge base on many subject areas that are of interest to the consumer.

This satisfies the basic human desire of exploration, learning and the continuation of one’s own ability.

Alternative Supports:

Within the developmental disability community, regardless of the ability of understanding consequence, are those consumers who have special needs based on choices made, finding themselves in uncomfortable situations. Our goal is to help those channel their negativity by providing a creative outlet with emphasis on ones future not on ones past.

Providing emotional supports, while instituting individual mentorship to enhance self-esteem, understanding, and proactive choice making

Works Initiative:

Employment is a vital necessity, not only for economic security but for the enhancement of self reliance and emotional stability. We Support and are inspired by the Governors initiative for those with developmental disabilities to secure employment within our community.

Employment education will be introduced to our consumers in regards to the process of employment. Areas to be addressed will be but not limited to: Interviewing, hygiene and proper dress, Job specifications and expectations, forms and identification, time management and responsibility.

Skill building will be task specific, conducive to the employment market and the ability of the participant. (i.e. Table maintenance in a restaurant environment, how to run a cash register and make proper change.) this is not limited to the food industry, we will be exploring many genres of opportunity.

Job recruitment will also be essential to ensure success; we are committed to our participants and our vision therefore we will act on the behalf of the individual to procure employment within the community.

Work Opportunities on-site/ off site thru enclaves and other resources will be available for all consumers who are willing to participate. Although we are not a sheltered work program, this gives the consumer opportunity to earn a paycheck working.

Day / Evening Program Incentives:

From past experience we found if we gave a monetary incentive to our consumers they do well with achieving in areas they most struggle. Although we do promote the benefit of earning money from work or sales of art work, or other entrepreneurial endeavors, we will be offering a bonus for attendance.

This opportunity will be offered to full time consumers. This also helps subsidize our consumers with their daily living expenses.

Transportation Services:

Non-medical transportation is available to all our consumers. Transportation to and from the consumer’s residents to or center as well as to any work site. Our transportation vehicles are 15 passenger brand new 2015 Ford Transits, which are updated for the convenience and comfort of our consumers.

Friends For Life is an agency that aims to inspire, hope and contribute to the advancement and success of our clients’ goals, needs and independence.

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